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Vitamin B12 increases energy, enhanced fat loss, and a feeling of alertness.

Weight Loss Injections
Vitamin b12 injections toronto

What is it?

Vitamin B12 is easily absorbed by the body and then utilized in the formation of red blood cells which encourages a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system. It is known to help with an increase in energy, enhanced fat loss, and a feeling of alertness.

Who is it for?

Fatigue, weakness, mood swings and memory loss are just some of the signs of lagging B12 levels. Even with a diet rich in B12 or a daily supplement; you may not be getting exactly what you need, since the vitamin can be difficult to absorb orally. B12 intramuscular injections, on the other hand, are quick and relatively painless and bypass the digestive system entirely, this means they are easily absorbed by the bloodstream so that you can start reaping their benefits right away.

Weight Loss: Low energy is one of our country’s biggest health complaints. If you often feel tired, run-down, and lacking in energy, you’re not alone. B12 helps the body convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is burned in order to produce energy and also helps break down fats and proteins. By powering up with extra energy most patients see an improvement in their overall well-being and are more successful in achieving (and maintaining) a healthy weight. B12 therapy can also be combined with our cellulite treatment or fat loss program for optimal results.

Stress: B12 provides a big boost to our mental and physical health. The influx of energy helps our body better respond to stress and it also does a remarkable job improving our immune system which in turn improves stressful conditions.

Fatigue: Why are you so tired? Fatigue is often synonymous with our daily habits. Lack of sleep and inadequate nutrition are common contributors. The good news is getting your energy back can be easier than you think. In the absence of diagnosed anemia, many people find short short-term and long-term boosts to energy and endurance levels with B12 therapy.

Depression: A vitamin B deficiency may impact your mental health. B12 deficiencies have been linked to high rates of depression. There is also research to indicate that those suffering from depression, respond better to drug treatment with healthy levels of vitamin B12 in their blood, and in some cases, it has even been able to keep the condition stable without the need for additional treatment.

Consult with one of our specialists today to determine if this is a viable treatment option to help reach your health goals.

Cost: $45

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